Like many teenagers, Joe Dawson spent his early years cutting lawns for various senior citizens as a way to earn extra money over the summer. But what started out as a summer job, turned into a full time, year round business for Joe Dawson and his wife Bonnie. In 1990, J D Lawn Service was formed after the couple purchased a small landscape company in Sarnia. The Dawson’s soon established themselves in the lawn maintenance industry with their reliable, personal service. J D Lawn Service quickly developed a strong client base through the reputation of excellent customer service. Many of those early customers, are still customers for J D Lawn Service today.

In 1992, J D Lawn Service expanded their maintenance services to include snow removal, after the request from many industrial and residential customers.

J D Lawn is also the area distributor for ‘Ice B’ Gone Magic’ salt ice melter, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional road salt.

Now with a fleet of 15 trucks, 10 tractors and various other equipment, J D Lawn Service is the largest lawn service/snow removal company in the Sarnia-Lambton area. J D Lawn Service employs both year round and seasonal staff. Summer students are brought on board to assist during the heavy spring and summer season.

J D Lawn Service is a fully family owned business, with all of their children working with the company. With family and excellent staff, the service and attention to detail that has been the reputation of J D Lawn Service for the last 25 years, will continue into the future.

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